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Sep 08
Interior Designer Ian Thompson Of Ian Thompson Interior Design To Speak At Momentum Digital Conference

Belfast business and mindset event Momentum have announced Interior Designer Ian Thompson as a speaker for their forthcoming Night At The Museum.  Owner and founder of Ian Thompson interior design, Ian and his team have been delighting clients with their unrivalled talent for striking the perfect balance between classic and contemporary interiors for almost four […]

Sep 08
Creative Entrepreneur Sarah McBriar Of AVA To Speak At Momentum Digital Conference

Belfast business and mindset event Momentum have announced Creative Entrepreneur Sarah McBriar as a speaker for their forthcoming Night At The Museum digital conference. Sarah, who is the founder and creative director of AVA, the UK’s leading audio visual arts festival and conference, showcasing the UK’s trailblazing audio visual arts industry will be tackling the subject […]

Sep 08
eCommerce Expert Ryan Clarke Latest Speaker To Join The Bill At Momentum Digital Conference

Belfast business and mindset event Momentum have announced eCommerce expert Ryan Clarke as the latest speaker to join the bill for their forthcoming Night At The Museum digital conference. Ryan, who is the Head of Ecommerce at STATSports, will be dissecting what it really takes to grow in eCommerce in 2023. His talk “CX Sells: […]

Sep 08
Hillsborough Ready To Drink Cocktail Brand Smashes £450,000 Crowdfunding Target In Just 24 Hours

A Hillsborough drinks brand has smashed a £450,000 crowdfunding investment target in less than a day. Not just that the company, Wavey Ice, is celebrating tripling its sales in the last 12 months as consumers embrace their unique range of vibrant beverages. The ready-to-drink business which has raised over £500,000 with 79 investors is hoping […]

Sep 08
“AI Is An Inevitable Tool That Businesses Should Be Integrating Into Their Marketing Strategy” Says Content Expert

The hype of AI isn’t going away and neither is the idea that it can “revolutionise” your marketing, especially if you’re the type of business that’s struggling to keep up with the demands practically and financially. Whilst it’s absolutely true that, used properly, AI can provide you with a vital resource which can reduce time […]

Sep 08
Something Must Change In The Takeaway Industry Or Consumers Will Continue To Feel The Financial Impact

By Sandeep Sharma, In the last three years, operational costs associated with running a takeaway or food-to-go business have increased by up to 35-40% for some businesses. From the rising energy costs which show no sign of coming back down again and the increases in raw produce and food/packaging supplies, takeaways have found themselves finding […]

Sep 08
Business & Mindset Event Momentum Is Back For A Night At The Museum

A Belfast business and mindset event is to return this Autumn with a whole host of new speakers. The event, supported by Gekkoshot, will take place at the Ulster Museum on September 22, is set to reveal an all-star speaker lineup including leading names in hospitality, mindset, marketing, ecommerce, data and much more. According to […]

Aug 30
“Small Businesses Across NI Must Learn To Protect Themselves Online” Says Digital Expert

While the digital landscape offers a wealth of opportunities for small businesses, it equally presents a bounty for cybercriminals. In the UK, a small business falls victim to a successful hack every 19 seconds. By the time you reach the end of this article, at least six more will have been compromised. Senior developer Adam McBride […]

Aug 30
Data Collection And Analysis Is The Key To An Effective Climate Strategy

By Stuart Lunn Sales Manager, We’re on the brink of a climate catastrophe. It’s not really news, so I’ll spare you the frightening details of how warm our planet’s set to become, or how quickly time is running out. But I will say this: we all need to act. It’s easier said than done, […]

Aug 30
How The Circular Economy Can Make A Difference To The Environment And Your Business

By Ross Moffett Sales & Business Development Director, Everun  The term ‘Circular Economy’ has been widely known in academia for some time, yet it has been slow to penetrate into business practices. In its simplest terms, it is moving from a linear economy of ‘take, make, waste’ practices into more sustainable methods that emphasise recycling […]